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Minibus Tours

Maidstone is situated right in the middle of the Garden of England, surrounded by orchard and hop gardens. This romantic county town in Kent is filled with beautiful villages and lovely heritage sights. The best way to savour the sights and scenes of this beautiful location is through coach tours provided by Maidstone coach hire services. We are experts at providing quality and affordable coach tours within the and around the Maidstone area.

Our coaches come in a variety of sizes, and this is to ensure that our service is tailored to cater to a wide range of clients – regardless of their budget. Some of our most preferred minibuses range between the 24 seater, the 16 seater, and the 12 seater minibus sizes. However, we do also cater to requests for larger bus sizes. They include the 33, 49, 53 and 72 seater options. Our numerous clients can testify that we are poised at providing excellent leisure and comfort through the provision of expertly handled coach tours within and around Maidstone. For a city tour that is both entertaining and relaxing, your best bet would be to come to us – as we put in that extra effort at pampering our clients with the comfort and luxury of riding in a state of the art coach. Our buses come fully equipped with entertainment systems, comfy seats, and well trained personnel – who are experts at delivering superb customer service. When thinking of where to get a minibus hire in Maidstone, ideally, we are the ones that come to mind.

When considering embarking on a coach tour, majority of the Maidstone coach hire providers would simply provide you with the mere basics of a city tour. We have distinguished ourselves in this regard – by providing exceptional customer service, while rendering a truly relaxing touring experience. We don’t just provide you with a coach; we go that extra mile by providing experienced chauffeurs who are familiar with the routes and sight-seeing locations. They ensure that your coach tour is pleasantly memorable. They will cater to everything from the loading and unloading of your personal belongings, to the organizing of suitable comfort breaks along the way. We pride ourselves as being customer-centric in how we render our services, and the goodwill and referrals we have gotten from previous clients is a testament to the quality of service we are known to provide.

Maidstone is located between Dover and London, and at some point was a major pilgrimage route and a busy location for local and national trade. This was mainly because of the River Medway. Despite centuries of change, the intricate details of the old Maidstone can still be seen when touring through the town. The town has had its fair share of revolts, battles, Victorian benefactors and industrialists. It boasts of a broad and colourful history with interesting and intriguing sights to visit within and around the Borough. These include places like the world renowned Teapot Island, the Neolothic sights of churches which stood during the English civil war- the All Saints Church, Corpus Christi Hall, the College of All Saints, Maidstone Town Hall, Maidstone’s famous market, and the Fremlin Walk – for retail shoppers.

Other noteworthy places to visit include:

  • The lush Maidstone landscape is home to the fascinating Leeds Castle – whose crenulations and towers are reflected upon a nearby lake. The castle has stood since the ancient Norman days, and the walls of its rooms tell the tales of six English Queens.
  • Within Maidstone, the horse-drawn vehicles of the Tyrwhitt-Drake Museum of Carriages is one of the town’s hidden treasures – which can be found in the sheds of the 14th century Archbishops’ Palace house. A ride to Kent Life would provide you with a peek into the history of medieval England – with tractor rides, farm animals and historic homes offering an intriguing insight into the area’s rural past.
  • For the showcasing of a 2700 year old Egyptian mummy, the Maidstone Museum & Bentlif Art Gallery would be an ideal place to visit. Also on display are lovely oil paintings and items from the Japanese Edo period, as well as exhibitions capturing the town’s famous dinosaur find – the Maidstone’s millennia-old iguanodon.
  • For a thrilling driving experience, there is the world famous kart circuit at Buckmore Park. It offers amazing circuits with sharp turns and bends. This is where professional Formula One drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button perfected their trade.
  • The Monks Lakes Fishery is arguably the United Kingdom’s largest angling centre – offering a 1120 acre fishery which consists of 2,000 meters of river bank along the River Beult, and seven fishing lakes to cater to anglers with varying levels of expertise.

Whether it’s a simple tour, or shuttling to an event, call us today, and let or team of professionals cater to you.